Amauta Kitchens is a small family business that prides itself in its top notch custom cabinetry work. Founded in 2006, our company has been in business for 10 years and currently holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Guillermo Sr., founder of Amauta Kitchens is a second generation carpenter. Most of his learnings were passed down by his father from a very young age. When establishing the company, Guillermo wanted to honor his teacher, which is where the name Amauta originates from. Amauta is derived from Quechua, a language indigenous to South America and the main language of the Inca Empire. Translated to English, Amauta means wise man.

Teresa, who has a background in Finance Administration, is the glue of the company. Teresa oversees most of the direct contact with the company’s customer base. Not only does Teresa manage customer relations, she is also your main contact for quotations and design.

Sandro, the oldest son, has a strong background in construction. Not only can Sandro provide the company’s customer base with solutions to their kitchen, bathroom, and closet needs, but he can also provide guidance with any other construction needs you and your family may have.

Guillermo Jr., the youngest son, has a background in Architecture. From a very young age, Guillermo Jr. was very inquisitive and enjoyed taking things apart to figure out how they work and then putting them back together. The art of building runs deep through the Cano family.

Working on customer referrals, our company stands for quality, integrity and, most important, customer satisfaction. Servicing customers all across South Florida, we take extreme gratification in providing innovative ideas and solutions for our customer’s kitchens, bathrooms and closet needs.